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Blue Piranha Jewelry

Art ~ History ~ Jewelry 

Who's the girl behind Blue Piranha? A knowledge seeker and a dreamer, with a love of adornment and history. I'm Jill, the creative force and designer here: born in New York, raised in Arizona, currently living in Georgia. 

Designs begin with an idea and my sketchbook. I then create, using raw metal and techniques that are centuries old, to make adornments with beauty, meaning, and longevity in mind. They're meant to last and be loved for generations.

Bold, color-saturated gems are a Blue Piranha hallmark. Twenty-five years in the Southwest leave an impression, in the very best way. Vast landscapes, bright skies, fiery sunsets infuse the soul with a thirst for color. I personally hand-select every gem that goes into the jewelry, for both quality and incredible beauty. 

A love of history led me to antique buttons. I seek out, collect, and give these treasures new life in my designs. They, and other small historical artifacts I come across - many more than a century old - are beautiful works of art, relics from a world that no longer exists. 

I use the original buttons in my one of a kind creations, but many of these antiques  have uplifting and inspiring mottos and images. I offer them as historical reproductions, allowing their messages to be have meaning for a new generation of jewelry lovers.

Being immersed in design and creation is a gift. I'm fortunate and grateful to live the life of a creative, and I'm continually enchanted by the journey. Jewelry is the most personal form of adornment, and a way of showing the world a little bit of who you are. I'm thrilled that so many jewelry lovers and collectors have become a part of the Blue Piranha family over the years, allowing these designs to adorn fascinating women (and men) all over the world.